333 is an improv based consulting firm where mindfulness and the power of play are applied to the very real challenges that clients face.

With a client list ranging from the US Olympic Ski Team to Lexus, we deliver customized, imaginative solutions for your corporate event or workshop. Learn more about what we do.

333 Improvisation

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Jo McGinley

Executive Presence and Communications Consulting

Coaching Individuals and Organizations to develop their presence under pressure.

For over 20 years, Jo McGinley has inspired seasoned and emerging business leaders to find their authentic voice, own their personal presence and build confidence.

Jo brings with her a wealth of knowledge around leadership effectiveness, team building, executive presence, employee engagement, and culture. Jo specializes in working with leaders to be successful in leading organizations and teams to achieve the highest results possible in today’s challenging transitional business environment.
She has coached Peak Performers including Olympic Athletes and their coaches, musicians, and Oscar Nominees to improve performance and increase confidence while enhancing teams to work better together under pressure.

Jo combines theatrical training, voice and speech coaching, and improvisational
exercises to create a unique and powerful experience for every client that engages her.


Stephen Kearin

Development, Hosting & Facilitation

Stephen is a critically acclaimed improvisational actor who has performed on stages worldwide as a member of 3 FOR ALL, Impro Theatre and True Fiction Magazine. In collaboration with Impro Theatre, he has helped writers and storyboard artists at Dreamworks Animation, as well as the performers of  Cirque du Soleil improve their idea generation processes and collaborative ensemble skills. Stephen also coaches executive teams on developing corporate cultures that foster creative and collaborative management practices. Other corporate clients include Salesforce, Accenture, Apple, Cisco, HP, AT&T and Kaiser Permanente.

Stephen was a regular on Disney's "Kirby Buckets" as the feared Principal Mitchell, and recently appeared as an FBI agent on Twin Peaks.


Kristina Robbins

Development & Facilitation

From the hallowed halls of the Ivy League to the beer-stained stages of improv comedy clubs, Kristina’s forte is seeing the connections between seemingly incongruous ideas and fitting them together to make sense. And most likely she’ll cite a study to back up her thesis. Although she is rigorously thorough and disarmingly smart, don’t be fooled. She’s also exquisitely kooky and will catch you off guard with one of the multiple comedic voices that live inside her.

Kristina is also an award winning filmmaker and graduate of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women whose work has appeared on PBS and A&E.
She has worked as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies to shape strategic plans and develop best practices in marketing research.


Jim Babcock

Hosting & Facilitation

For over 30 years, Jim led training and development for The Walt Disney Company, ultimately leading the Internal Communications team to produce strategic, day-to-day and culture-building communications and events for thousands of Disney employees. In addition to his Director role, he hosted hundreds of internal and external events for top Disney executives, including CEO, Bob Iger. He has been improvising longform narrative with Impro Theatre since 2002.

Kristina and Jo got us into our bodies. Not your normal day for a roomful of geeks, but once we let go, we were playful, collaborative, creative in a new way and that ignited some deep, soulful connections and ideas that helped shape our work. 

—Donna Murphy, VP of Marketing Strategy, Discovery Communications