"Curveballs don’t just happen on stage at improv classes; they also happen in the ever-changing business world. When you’re on stage, unsure of what will happen, and are forced to go along with whatever suggestion your fellow actors offer with a “yes, and” response, that means you’re always accepting–and building upon–whatever others are doing or saying as part of your own storyline. This kind of cooperation is said to inspire adaptability, which becomes a particularly useful skill to have in the current global business landscape."

Fast Company: Why Top Companies Are Teaching Improv

Harvard Business Review: Stop Wasting Money on Team Building

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Executive Team Training

This one day workshop creates an environment where change is welcomed, building an executive team that is connected, dynamic, and adaptable. We strive to create an ensemble that share a common collaborative rhythm as they work toward a shared vision.


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Role Clarity & Adaptability

  • Collaboration and Customer Service: Exercises developed to enhance the ability to stay open and creative when working with executives and staff, and deepen the customer engagement through the customer service approach. Exercises are specifically designed so managers can bring the communication skills they learned back to their individual stores and train staff.

  • Consumer Insights Session: We help brand planners design and execute a one-day consumer insights workshop using improv gaming as the primary tool to bring new language, color and context to relevant concepts around a specific brand.

  • Brand Innovation: We assist brand planners in designing an improv workshop aimed at helping executives think outside their traditional knowledge of the brand and category to chart a new course for the company.

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Conference Presentation

Through a combination of demonstrations and interactive exercises, improvisational techniques are introduced to help leaders become more flexible and adaptable thinkers and more responsive to their environment when developing solutions. 

The consumer insight that came out of this workshop earned MINI a Bronze Medal at the Jay Chiat Research Innovation Awards.

Scott Allison, Strategy, Mini Cooper